What do your Eyebrows Shape say about You

It is said that a human is like an open book. Everything about him, the gestures, the signs, mimics, behavior, voice, everything is revealing some information about that person. People could do this since old times, this experience is revealed in China for the first time (the first written account of the practice was found in China, and dated to approximately 2600BCE). Even people that don’t know much about such practices can tell something by someone’s appearance, but an expert reads you like a book.

Our face is amazing because everything on it reveals information, mainly about our mood, how do we feel, what are we thinking about. Eyebrows are no exception, they can provide information about a person’s success or failure. Are you interested in finding out what your eyebrows are telling you?

The shape of your eyebrows defines your personality. Their shape is your choice, which means that you reveal your personality unwittingly.
Curved eyebrows are usually common for creative people. You can say that such people are bored by exactness, they being communicative, energetic, friendly, and stylistic devices are never too few for expressing themselves. Such people tend to have a rounded face and cheeks, and by acknowledging this fact, you will be able to wear your makeup on as a diva.
In contrast to people with curved shapes, people with straight eyebrows love logic, facts, details, and exactness. Such people are more rational and less emotional. They don’t make a decision when they are happy or angry, but when being calm, relaxed. Confidence also defines such people, however, it may seem arrogant to others. If you want to prove a point to a straight eyebrowed person, better engage as many facts, arguments, numbers, and data instead of emotions and subjective perceptions. Another type of brows shape is the angled type. It resembles an inverted “v”. Control is the main feature of such people, they also having leadership qualities, being good researchers. People will more likely accept their ideas and thoughts because they have that sense of persuasion and inspire confidence in others. Also, check out the brows of most global leaders. Most of them have angled brows. Developing a relationship with such a person may come in handy for both parties. Both people will be motivated to acquire more and will feel important because angled brow people respect others’ thoughts and ideas.

Thickness is also a great indicator of your personality. People with bushy eyebrows are believed to be more masculine and smarter. They are great multi-taskers and manage to do all these activities without any effort at all. Also, such people are passionate and generous with the people they love. In contrast, there are people with thin eyebrows. Compared to people with bushy brows, this type of person is single-minded. They focus all their attention on one thing at a time and accomplish the best results.
People with thin eyebrows tend to be more feminine, even-tempered but less passionate regarding other’s interests. People whose brows start thick, but go thinner to the end are organized and full of ideas. They are good managers, organizers, working in a planning committee is heaven for such people. However, they tend to have difficulties in completing a task. It is recommended for such people to work in pairs with someone.
Opposed to winged eyebrows is managerial eyebrows, thin at the beginning and thicker at the end. Such people are not sure of what they are saying and find it difficult to provide new ideas. Also, such people can doubt when accepting a new task, but once they committed to it, they will complete it to the end.

Hair Growth
Besides the thickness and the shape of the eyebrow, hair growth also reveals information about your personality. Tangled hairs show that a person thinks differently from others, open-minded, with many areas of interest. Such people are willing to take a new challenge, to try out something new, but only after making sure that all the aspects are examined.
People with straight, untangled hairs, also known as access hairs, are believed to have a close link between logic and emotions, mind and heart. These components live in harmony.
Chameleon eyebrows are difficult to be observed. Such people are introverts and don’t use to expose their feelings, however, they communicate easily with different types of people.
Scattered hairs emphasize people that cannot focus on just one thing. Usually, such people know anything about everything and it may be a challenge for them to focus all their energy on just one thing.

Eyebrow Location
The position of the eyebrows provides a hint about the mindset of a person. If the eyebrows are high on the head, this means that the person is a dreamer and they take their time before making a decision. A good example is when shopping, because such people may look at one product several times and analyze all the aspects before making the final decision. Mostly, such decisions are calculated and these are good decisions in terms of benefits. If such a person is under pressure, he might make a bad decision. Also, such people are emotive.
Brows located lower on the head represent detail-oriented people who don’t take their time listening to someone. Usually, they take their chances and then see what happens. They are not very patient, especially when talking to someone; they tend to interrupt the chat partner. Also, people with low brows are optimistic, but this feature disappears if things don’t go as planned.
The gap between the brows is believed to indicate happiness: the larger the gap, the happier the wearer. In contrast, a unibrow wearer is associated with a thinker. Also, their sleep might be disturbed, but this issue can be solved with medication.

Other Influencing Factors
According to Chinese philosophy, the length of the brows represents the life expectancy and health of a person. The longer your eyebrows are, the better your health is and the longer you will live. This feature is more prominent after the age of 40. Also, the eyebrow length represents one’s confidence: the longer the brows – the more confident and self-confident is the person, and vice-versa, the shorter the eyebrow – the less self-confidence and courage in a person. Regarding hairs, it is believed that shiny, bright brow hairs show a good sex appeal while eyebrows with rougher hairs indicate irregularities in the sexual energy.
In addition, one needs to have a healthy diet in order to have healthy, soft, and proportional eyebrows. Also, one should be careful when shaping the brows. The natural shape should not be spoiled too much, on the contrary, it should be kept, just removed the unnecessary hairs. If a person has big eyes, the eyebrows should also be large, or else this creates imbalances in life. Keep them as natural as possible, take care of them and you will always have nice and good trimmed eyebrows.

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