What is Palm Line Says about Love and Marriage?

Read below about the meanings of three different types of lines. You will be amazed by the result!
What palm line says about love and marriage?
1. If the palm lines are at the same level
It means that you are a sensitive, kind person, with good sense, who does not like things to be done rapidly. You will marry someone who will be accepted by everyone around you.


2. If the right palm line is higher than the left palm’s line


This means you are a person who likes older people. It is even possible that you marry such a person. You are a very agile person who easily reads others around you and who easily perceives what is really happening around you. You really do not care about others` opinions around you.

3. If the left palm line is higher than the right palm`s line

In this case, you are an aggressive person who likes challenges and craves burning, passionate love. It is possible that you marry a university student or a stranger. People in this category are attractive women and men.

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