What to Expect During a Brazilian Wax

Hello beauty lovers! Today’s post is all about what to expect during a Brazilian wax.  As a professional Esthetician and waxer, I plan on sharing all of my best tips with you today so you know exactly how to prepare for and what to expect during a Brazilian wax.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

Pro Tip: This advice goes out especially for all of my readers who shave. You have to wait 5-8 after shaving to go get a wax!! I know, it’s going to be so annoying to deal with so much hair. But trust me, it’ s worth it. Even if at 2-3 weeks it looks fully grown out, there’s tiny little hairs under the surface still waiting to pop out. If you’re going to go through the pain of the wax, make it worth it by getting all the hairs and waiting the full 5-8 weeks.

I won’t lie. It’s going to hurt. I mean, a VERY sensitive area is about to get waxed. However, there’s ways to significantly reduce the pain.

1. See an expert. Don’t see an amateur. See a licensed Esthetician or Cosmotologist, with training and experience in brazlians. Her confident and experienced hand will creat a much better experience for you.

2. Relax. Take it from an expert, the more tense you are, the more it will hurt. The more relaxed you are, the less it will hurt.

3. Breathe. Breathe deeply and slowly. You should be able to see your chest rise and fall. When your waxer applies the wax, take a deep breath. As she pulls the strip, exhale. I’m not sure why this works, but it does work. Like magic! It will make all the difference in how much or how little pain you experience.

What to Expect During a Brazilian Wax

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