What your nose shape say about your personality

There are four broad categories, you can divide nose shapes into four main categories first.
– Big Nose: A big nose usually has a long bridge and wider tips with larger nostrils. How big it is will determine how passionate, egoistic, and confident you are in your life. It basically represents people who like to give orders and want to work independently.

– Small Nose: A small nose will have a small width and length with a tip that may not be completely round or flat. People with small noses are group players and love to utilize their creative side to complete different tasks. You will also find them a bit frustrated and impatient, which may affect their temperament a bit. Still, they love to help others and are good at dealing with problems.
– Long Nose: A long nose suggests that you have great instincts, possess a great sense of business, and have a good sense of ambition as well. You usually find the strength to handle your biggest problems.
– Short Nose: A person with a short nose is usually quite loyal but he/she may be a bit short on ambition and drive. They are not the leaders and are usually overwhelmed by those who manifest strong leadership qualities. They are kind, emotional, sweet, and highly sensitive.

1. Concave Nose Shapes
Also called the upturned nose, a concave nose will be slightly depressed on the middle part with a rather protruding tip. The bulky tip gives it the inward arch and gives it the name “Turned Up nose”. A perfect example of a concave nose shape is Marilyn Monroe. The people with this nose shape are usually very kind, optimistic, and emotional. They are always willing to offer their support and love to everyone around them. You may also find these people are sexually adventurous.

2. Straight Nose Type
Also known as a Greek nose, a straight type of nose shape will have a pointy tip and a narrow nostril. A great example of a straight type nose is Sean Penn. With regard to their personalities, the first thing you will notice is that they are intelligent, but are quite inspirational, skilled, and functional. They always think logically and find a way to overcome troubles in their lives. They are not very good at showing their emotions.

3. Convex Nose Type
Also known as a Roman nose, a convex nose type will have an outwards curve right in the middle of the nose you may also notice a pronounced bridge that is usually bent. Abraham Lincoln is a perfect example of what a convex nose looks like. If you ever meet a person with a convex or Roman nose, be ready to follow their lead. They are born leaders and you just cannot overpower them unless you also have a similar nose shape. The good thing is that these people work impulsively but never rush to making decisions. They are great organizers and are not aggressive.

4. Flat Nose Type
Quite common in the Asian and the African American ethnicity, a flat nose will have flared nostrils with a short bridge and a tip that is quite round. If you’re meeting someone with a flat nose, think twice before you say anything. These people are generally helpful, but they can be extremely hot-tempered and prone to outbursts for no apparent reason.

5. Nubian Nose Type
If you have a long nose with a wider base, you fall into this category. Look at a photo of Barrack Obama to see exactly what a Nubian nose looks like. Even if you’re meeting someone with a Nubian nose for the very first time, you should know that he/she just loves to find new ways to resolve issues.
These people are extremely curious and want to know everything about everything. This often works in their favor and makes them rather charismatic. You will find these folks socially active. Something that also works in their favor and makes them a people persona is that they don’t shy away from expressing their true emotions.

6. Hooked Nose Type
Also known as a hawk nose, a hooked type of nose shape usually has sharp contours with a prominent bend in the middle. A profile view of someone with a hooked nose will make it look like the beak of a hawk. John Lennon is a great example of someone with a hooked nose. If you meet someone with a hooked nose, know that your views and opinions won’t influence them. They are their own bosses and usually like to go off the beaten path. You will find them doing odd things at times because they don’t need people’s approval for anything they do. They just feel happy and satisfied following their own goals.

7. Snub, Small Nose Type
If your nose is small but is turned up with a tip that is neither round nor flat, you have a snub, small nose. People with this type of nose often come across as quite arrogant or even snobbish Muhammad Ali and Wayne Rooney are two perfect examples.
The moment you shake hands with people who have such nose shape, you will know you’re meeting someone rather driven and aggressive in whatever they do. They will be fast witted both in mental and physical aspects, and they often react a little too quickly.

8. Wavy Nose Type
A lateral view of someone with a wavy nose will show you a bumpy structure. A person may have a wavy nose due to injuries or deformities, like in the case of Owen Wilson.
If this is due to genetics, it will manifest certain personality traits. If you’re meeting someone with a wavy nose type, you’re around someone who is fun-loving and enthusiastic. What it means is that if you’re throwing a party, be sure to call everyone with wavy nose types for exceptional fun.

After reading this article, when you will meet someone, you will know what you have to pay more attention to. Look at the nose and it will speak a lot about the person standing in front of you. Of course, it is not always that simple to put a nose in a particular category, but you will eventually learn. And once you do, you will be greatly surprised at how true these personality traits are for people with certain nose types. Keep meeting new people and keep surprising them by sharing what you know about their personality traits with them. This can be a great icebreaker when you’re meeting someone for the first time. Try it!

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