What your sleeping position and habits say about you

It is said that actions speak louder than words and this is just as true in terms of how we sleep. In fact, the ways that we sleep tend to reflect our unique personalities. What are the ten most common sleeping habits and what can they say about us? This is an interesting question to look at in more detail.

1 The Foetal Position
This is the most common sleeping position; accounting for nearly half of all humans in the world. As you can imagine, this trait has been carried over since we were babies. The fetal position can be seen when you lay on one side or the other with your hands in front of your chest and your feet tucked in. This tends to display those who are shy and lack a certain amount of confidence. Also, such a sleeper tends to worry excessively and analyze things too much. Some can be prone to stress. If a partner is present, the individual will often sleep with his or her back to them.

2 The Log
There is some truth in the phrase “sleeping like a log”. This is the second most common position. As the term suggests, you are a “log” if you sleep on one side or the other with your arms and legs at your sides. Barring potential neck problems, this position says a bit about the type of person you are throughout the day. Log sleepers are known to be rather lighthearted and they can make friends easily. They are confident and are generally able to adapt to most social situations. A downside to these traits is the fact that log sleepers may be a bit naive and they could trust people too easily. They are much more comfortable sleeping with a partner when compared to the fetal sleeper.

3 The Yearner?
The “yearning” sleeper will tend to be in a similar position to the log, yet his or her arms are stretched out in front of their body. You can think of this action as the desire to grab something that may be off in the distance.
Those who embrace this position are often very oriented towards their goals. They can be competitive and most are extremely hard working. However, this can also mean that they are stubborn and do not take advice easily. This personality is also dominated by the “I am always right” feeling. For such a reason, the yearning position can also signal an inability to “think outside of the box” and appreciate the point of view of others. Sleeping with this person can be a bit tricky, as they will naturally want to maintain their own space.

4 The Biter
If you awake to a headache more often than not, you may be what is known as a biter. When you begin to fall asleep, it is common for your muscles to begin to relax over time. However, there are some who will inadvertently bite down and even grind their teeth together. Not only can this be damaging to the enamel, but the muscles within the jaw and face will never loosen up.
This is one of the main reasons for tension headaches in the morning. Most feel that biters are those who carry a good deal of stress with them before going to sleep. In turn, this stress is displayed in the physical biting action. In some cases, there are people who will need to wear a special mouthpiece to protect their teeth. If you suffer from this problem, the chances are high that you tend to be a nervous and stressed person; always asking “what if?” even if no answers are immediately available.

5 The Twitcher
When you are falling asleep, it is common for your body to twitch from time to time. Some scientists believe that this stems from our evolution while others point out that twitching is a way for the muscles to relax.
However, these movements will usually stop once you are sound asleep. There are still some who continue to twitch hours into the night. If you have ever slept next to such an individual, you are well aware of how disturbing this can be. Constant twitching can be a sign of nervous energy. Once again, the sleeper is normally a high-strung individual who is defined by an excess amount of anxiety. He or she may also not be able to adapt well to new situations such a change of job or family difficulties.

6 The Soldier
This type of sleeper will lie flat on his or her back or stomach. Their arms and legs appear to be pinned at the sides of their body. They normally will move very little throughout the night; perhaps only rolling over once or twice. This type of person may also be able to fall asleep much quicker than most.
This can be an enviable treat for those of us who are tossing and turning for hours at a time! As you may have already guessed, the soldier sleeper is defined by a calm and confident personality. The strong and silent type is a good analogy here. They may not like to make a big fuss about things while it is equally true that many have difficulties talking about sensitive or emotional problems. They can also be perfectionists; setting unusually high standards for themselves and those around them.

7 The Skydiver
This is actually an uncommon position and it is estimated that less than ten percent of people enjoy this type. The individual will lay on his or her stomach with their arms embracing the pillow underneath their head. Unsurprisingly, this also tends to be the most uncomfortable way of sleeping. Sleepers will frequently readjust themselves only to take up the same position with time.
So, it can be tough to get a good rest if you happen to find yourself next to a skydiver. They are prone to back and neck problems while a sound night of sleep is nearly impossible to achieve. They are also inclined to be dissatisfied with their current position in life. So, it makes sense that they are trying to hold on to something very tight (in this case, the supposed “security” of their pillow). The skydiver desires to feel in control of situations but rarely is. He or she can often wake up in the morning to feelings of anxiety or worry.

8 The Closed Fist
The sleeper will remain quite rigid throughout the night and his or her fists tend to remain closed the entire time. They may occasionally awake to find that their hands are cramped.
This can be a difficult habit for those who are in a relationship and want to hold hands with their partner! This is a latent sign of aggression. However, we are not speaking about the physical type here. More often than not, those with a clenched fist are not completely satisfied with their current position in life. Examples here can include work, marital status, or simply overall feelings of success. Many are even unaware that their fists are closed until you tell them about it.

9 Starfish Sleepers
This is actually the rarest type and makes up only five percent of sleepers. A starfish will sleep on his or her back. The arms are positioned overhead and sometimes underneath the pillow. They will not move frequently and may very well remain in this position for the entire night.
The rather open nature of this type of sleep says much about their personality. Starfish are defined as being people who are generous, friendly, and have an open mind. They are good listeners and loyal friends. However, they rarely enjoy being the center of attention. They might not be able to handle competitive events very well while they can suffer from feelings of inadequacy and never seeming to be “good enough” even though they may seem quite talented.

10 The Runner
This is the final position that should be mentioned. The runner will appear as if he or she is running in bed when viewed from a top-down position. One leg will remain underneath their body while another will be sprawled out in the direction that they are facing. They will frequently sleep on their stomachs and take up a great deal of space.
Many feel that this habit signifies a person who is confident and yet dissatisfied with their current position in life. They can be thickheaded and it may be difficult for them to appreciate the problems of others. Still, they try to make the best of their current situation while feelings of happiness can also be fleeting. Those who are used to sleeping alone can often embrace this position over time. Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to adjust to the presence of a partner due to such personality traits.

Did you find that you exhibit one of these sleeping positions? There are even times when more than one can be used throughout the night. These are all quite common and yet they still tell a great deal about who we are and the thoughts that we might not even be aware we have!

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