Which is Better Waxing or Threading?


Waxing is a service that only licensed professionals should preform and is great for removing tons of hair at once. Basically, the hot wax is applied in direction of hair growth, a muslin strip is applied, smoothed over and then quickly removed in a flicking motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. When done correctly, it removes the hair from the root and leaves skin silky smooth to the touch. I personally like it for this reason: Hair essentially grows from a pore. The heat from the wax softens the pore, making extraction of the hair easy on the skin. A warning though, waxing is not ideal for sensitive skin, anyone on retinal, antibiotics, or vitamin A. It also isn’t ideal for clients who get laser peels, microdermabrasion, or use bleaching creams. Be cautious when selecting a waxer. As I said, this service should only be done by licensed professionals who put client safety first. Don’t be afraid to ask if your waxer is licenced. Also, especially make sure they test the temperature of the wax before preforming the service! No one wants to get burned!!
Threading is the art of twisting a 100% cotton string around a hair, or number of hairs, in order to pull it out from the root. It’s great for anyone who’s sensitive to waxing (like I mentioned earlier). I personally find it to be a little abrasive to the skin (after all, the cotton thread repeatedly rubs against the skin), but it gets the job done. A skilled threader can especially shape beautiful brows and meticulously get every hair. However, since threading is in such high demand, many places had to get threaders–quick. So be cautious when selecting a threader, because an amateur’s string might rip the hair at the surface, rather than pull it from the root. Also, I recommend finding a threader who uses both hands for the string, rather than her hands and mouth. It’s just more sanitary if you ask me.

So when it comes down to which is better waxing or threading? I’d say its a matter of preference when it comes to Waxing VS Threading. Both will remove hair from the root, when done correctly. Both shouldn’t hurt too bad, when done correctly. And both should leave you feeling beautiful, groomed, and satisfied…when done correctly. Waxing is ideal if you want to remove a TON of hair at once, or if you have super thick hair (thick hair can rip a thread). Threading is best if you’re sensitive. Both practices require plenty of skill.

What do you prefer? Still can’t decide? Remember, you can always come see me for all of your eyebrow needs!

I hope the tips and facts I provided will encourage you to try both out, if you can, and decide for yourself. 🙂

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