Whipped Lavender Soap

It’s been a while since I shared a new soap recipe and I knew I wanted to make something new. I scoured Pinterest (shocking I know) and found lots of pretty lavender soaps although most were cold-pressed soaps. Not my forte. I’m a die-hard Melt & Pour girl. So I settled on trying to make a faux cold-pressed soap but instead ended up with this silky smooth soap that I now call my perfectly intentional mistake. It’s amazing!

Half way through my soapmaking session I realized it was not going as expected. And I heard my Moms mantra ring through my head of “Try harder then your hardest & do better then your best!”. So I didn’t, and am soooo glad I didn’t!  Just look!

Seriously, you can not go wrong with Melt & Pour soap. Die-hard fan ladies, and I’m not talking about Bruce Willis here. I  even made two batches exactly the same just to make sure that I have indeed created a new recipe and not just sharing a fluke, know matter how awesome it is!

Basic Materials:

  • Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Base (or any M&P would work!)
  • Soap Colorant (I went with Lavender)
  • Lavender Essential Oil (or oil/scent of your choosing)
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Vitamin E (used as a preservative)

My soap came in a 2lb box and I used the whole thing. But instead of melting it all I only melted about 25% of it. The rest I shredded using a manual shredder.

Why the heck didn’t I melt it all? Well I had this hairbrained idea that if I only melted and colored a little bit of soap, then mixed it with softish-shredded soap it would kinda meld together to look like a *cold-pressed old fashioned soap.
*I haven’t given up on this, and if I find a way to make it work I’ll share it with you, believe me

Last minute I decided to add in an oil to make the soap extra moisturizing (perhaps this was the non-faux culprate!). Any oil would work but if using coconut oil, heat it up in the microwave to turn it into a liquid first.

In the small bowl I pre-mixed:

  • 3 dropper fulls of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 4 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil
  • 1 good squirt of Vitamin E (approx 2 capsules)

In the medium bowl:

  • Melted soap
  • 15 drops of colorant

Here is the process… Step 2 is when I knew faux was not meant to be

  1. Add the melted soap to the bowl of shredded soap
  2. Mix with a fork until colored soap just starts to melt into shredded soap
  3. Press soap into a mold
  4. Sprinkle and press Lavender Flowers to the top of the soap while still warm

So, I figured when the soap all melted together in Step 2, I would just have a pretty soap topped with flowers that I would cut and wrap in pretty paper for my Mom.

Try harder then your hardest, remember?!! However, when I went to check on the soap it had not hardened. Weird. Dang it! Shoot!! But then I heard my Moms mantra again and I pressed forward.

The soap was silky to the touch (maybe it was the oil!!) so I thought I could use it more like a body butter. So I dumped the whole thing in my mixer, sprinkled a bit more flowers on top for good measure, turned that sucker on high and it was like magic. For my love of Mason Jars, I always have a few on hand and these squatty little half-pint cuties were made for Whipped Lavender Soap.

It’s so beautiful! And looks good enough to eat. Did I ever tell you the story of the lady who actually ate a piece of my Almond Butter Oatmeal Soap? I guess that’s a compliment…

I love the barely-there purple color this soap has too. And the scent is very light as well. According to the directions on the Essential Oil package I could have used 5 droppers full, but I didn’t want it to be too overpowering so I just used 3. It suds very nicely and doesn’t dry out your hands (that’s why I love to add oils in my soap).

A little bit of ribbon and a sprig of fresh Lavender adds a pretty touch for a special handmade gift for Mom. Or your sister. Or your Aunt. How ’bout a teacher! If you want to make sure they don’t ingest the soap, print a label!

I don’t think this was just a coincidence that my plans diverted and I had to stay the course. My Mom probably knew I needed a little test & reminder and used her SuperMom powers to do so. THANKS MOM!

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