Why is your Hair Thinning and How to avoid hair thinning

Is your hair thinning? If so, there are several huge mistakes that you might be doing, so become familiar with them right now. Hair thinning is commonly associated with hair raring, but what we frequently forget about is the fact that the diameter of your hair plays an important role in thinning it.

It is true that men are more predisposed to hair loss, but women aren’t avoided either by this problem. Hair thinning and abundant hair loss are both pretty common among ladies, and these things are taking place because of numerous causes, from minor vitamin deficiency types to severe health problems. However, hair thinning and excessive hair loss are both possible to treat in women as well as in men but everything depends on the causes that lead to these issues.

You are using inappropriate hair brushes

A beautiful and healthy hair depends on the care that you provide to it and more precisely, by the beauty instruments that you are using. Hairstylists recommend that round, flat and metal brushes are preferable. What is the reason? This type of brushes don’t aggress your hair and don’t put it under tension either. In addition, they bring volume exactly where it is needed – this is what hair stylists add to their explanations.

A too uniform or inappropriate hair color

Did you know that one single hair shade gives the impression to a thinner face? This thing is valid for your hair as well. A hair style that benefits from movement needs some texturing obtained from color games. In addition, a hair color that is too close to the color of your facial skin could also leave the impression that your hair is too thin. Therefore, next time when you want to paint your hair, ask for the advice of your hair stylist, instead of going to him with your already prepared decision.

If your hair is too spinning, this could also be the cause why your hair is thinning. If you are a fan of spin hair and if your hair is no longer than at the level of your shoulders this is a problem. If your hair is too spinning, it will fret much easier. If your hair is too long, this is also a cause of its thinning. If your hair is too thin, it is better to opt for a short or medium hair style.

How to avoid hair thinning?

You need to be very attentive about your diet and the cosmetic products that you are using as well as your stress level. The situations that we could control for having beautiful hair are numerous. Frequent dietary changes, some weight loss programs and nutritional deficiencies all lead to hair thinning and your hair will thus become very fragile and unaesthetic. Iron deficiency and lack of proteins result from an imbalanced diet and one of its consequences is hair thinning.

Not lastly, a very common cause among women who deal with fragile hair and hair thinning is associated with using an inappropriate styling product or a harmful gadget for your hair. Hair stylists confirm that these two things are the most common causes of hair thinning. Inadequate products make the hair become destabilized, because it isn’t “fed” as it should be. In addition, a low quality hair straightener or a too frequently used hair undulator has the same consequences: the drying and excessive drying of your hair.

While some of these causes that result in hair thinning are not possible to control (aging, genetic inheritance and pollution from the environment), most of them are actually the result of your own actions. So, do your best about preventing hair thinning and hair loss!

Why is your Hair Thinning and How to avoid hair thinning

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