Why to Soak your Feet in Mouthwash Solution

The health of your feet is indeed a very important aspect in everyday life. Take care of your feet’s health with the help of a simple and fast way, by involving only household products used day by day! Here is what you have to do:

  1. You can heal your feet from the fungal infections, by daily letting your feet to take a bath in mouthwash liquid for 30 minutes. The mouthwash liquid contains important ingredients that are helpful for this purpose, such as alcohol, vinegar and lemon juice.
  2. You can heal your hands from the fungal infections within only 2 weeks, by soaking them daily in mouthwash liquid.
  3. To heal your feet from fungal infections, you can use garlic as well. You only have to hold garlic between your fingers and let it act for 24 hours.
  4. The feet corns can be easily eliminated with the help of onion. Cut down one thick slice of onion, soak it in vinegar, apply it on the lower part of your feet and take on a pair of socks. Repeat this process until the feet corns get softened and easily eliminated.
  5. Even the chili sauce can heal the feet corns. Apply a little bit of chili sauce and Vaseline on the inflamed areas, and then cover the area with gauze. Chili pepper is rich in capsaicin that decreases inflammation as well as reduces the responsiveness of the endings of your nerves that are responsible for the symptoms of pain.
  6. Pain caused by feet corns can be attenuated by using salt as well, because it contains magnesium sulphate that reduces inflammation and pain.
  7. Use antiperspirant against the blisters. Even if sometimes this process could be painful, especially when the blisters are bigger and irritated, the antiperspirant dries the affected skin areas and accelerates the healing process.
  8. Stop consuming sugar if you want to heal from gout. A recent study shows that sugar intake is strongly linked to gout appearance. If you suffer from gout, you can reduce the inflammation by consuming strawberry and cherry.

You probably never imagined that you can do so many things with your feet, by involving any of the above described cleaning methods and household ingredients. Keep your feet clean by applying these 8 tricks and your feet will be more than thankful, because you simply give them the hygiene that they need day by day!

Why to Soak your Feet in Mouthwash Solution

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