Working out with Makeup

Working out with Makeup: Why it’s SO bad for your skin!

Why Working out with Makeup is Bad for your skin!

Hello beauties! Today’s post is all about why working out with makeup is so bad for your skin. As most of you know, I am a California licensed esthetician. I’m also obsessed with going to the gym. Trust me when I say, I’ve done a lot of personal research on this matter.

Why Working out with Makeup is Bad for your Skin

I’ve worked out with makeup, tinted moisturizer, primer, BB cream– you name it. Every time I work out with makeup, I get under surface congestion. AKA tiny bumps under your skin that cannot be “popped.” So then I have to exfoliate so they go away. Then my skin becomes sensitized with all the exfoliation. It’s a vicious cycle!

Take it from me, just don’t do it. Working out with makeup up while sweating is a recipe for disaster. The sweat almost melts your makeup and oils and allows them to slip into your pores. This is just asking to clog your pores.

I’m also not suggesting you “over wash” your face. Washing it too much can actually irritate it or even cause more breakouts.

Instead, before your work out, wipe your face with a Pre Cleanse Wipe. This will melt away your makeup, oil, and debris. That will help you to sweat on a “clean canvas” so to speak, preventing clogs. After your work out, spray your face with Clear Start’s Breakout Clearing All Over Toner. Finally, when you get home to shower after your work out, you can use your favorite mild cleanser.

Since I have been incorporating these easy steps into my regimen, my face looks and feels SO much better!!

We really should be washing our face morning and night. These tips are just adding a quick wipe before you work out and a fast facial mist after you’re done. It’s completely worth it to add to your work out regimen. The wipes and spray are gym bag essentials!

If you work out in the morning, just wash your face in the shower after your work out. You will be fine.

Are you all about that working out with makeup life? Do you experience breakouts? How do you clean your face before and after work outs? I’d love to talk about it in the comments. Until next time–be beautiful!

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