Your Fortune Life – What do your moles say about you

Since ancient times, people presented interest in the dark spots on their bodies, marks that we now call moles. At that time, these spots were identified with beauty and were called “beauty spots” or “beauty marks”. Also, they tended to tell the future and learn about a person by observing them, which led to the appearance of moleosophy or moleomancy – the science of telling someone’s destiny by their moles.

You can read yourself only by looking at the moles on your face. Every detail is very important, as it reveals your personality and somebody who knows all these subtleties find everything he needs in just a matter of seconds.
Many people have a noticeable mole between the eyebrows, which means that such people are smart and flexible. They will achieve their goals no matter what. Moles on the eyelids mean that this person is going to be successful and rich thanks to his intellect, or they can show potential disputes with envious people.
Generally, moles on the right side of the body show positivity while those on the left side show potential challenges to face. Moles found at the corner of the right eye mean that that person is tender and romantic, while the moles on the left eye corner mean that this person is cautious and introverted. Moles on the chin and nose area transmit information about a person’s spirit and creativity.
All these moles are related to wealth. If one invests time in his creativity, he can become very rich. If you need a creative person, pay attention to the moles on his face. The closer the mole is to the nose, the more creative this person is. Also, this means great secrecy. If a mole is on the nose itself, this means that that person is a traveler.
If a person has moles on the chin, you can freely trust the guy, because he is determined, but an honest and reliable person. Moles around the mouth are the sexiest ones – they mean that a person is affectionate and kind. People with moles on the side of the mouth are stable family members.

We discussed the moles on the face, now we move a little bit lower and decipher the moles on your upper body. Moles on the ears, especially on the lobe, show that the person is lucky and a good friend. In the European countries, the moles on the throat symbolize beauty and love, while in Asian societies these symbolize blocked energy flow. Also, this means that people with moles on the throat are either too excited when expressing their emotions or too shy. Moles on the chest and breast have a positive connotation. For a woman, these symbolize maternal love and for both men and women, they represent leadership. Also, people with moles in these places are considered irresistibly attractive. Moreover, moles on the throat are a sign that your voice is very attractive and you should take care of it, you might benefit from it.
Moles on the shoulders and upper arms show wealth and power. Mainly, this means that you will acquire your wealth through physical labor. It is recommended to consider working in property and related business, you will be successful in this. Usually, such people are powerful and reliable. They even provide a feeling of being indestructible, however, they need to relax and recharge the batteries for a new day.

A lot of people have moles on their hands and these symbolize skills, a skillful craftsperson. Moles on the right-hand mean that this person is going to get rich thanks to his handicrafts. If the moles are on the left hand, this means that creativity and wealth won’t be gained that easily.
Better to focus on creativity and leave the money-making to somebody else. Moles on the inner wrists have an interesting signification. It is believed that money flows to a person with a mole on the right wrist, from the person who has the mole on the left hand. Moles on feet mean that a person is a traveler.
Such people are seen as pioneers in some type of activities, perhaps they visited a new area where people don’t usually go or entered a new business niche that is not that well developed. If most moles are on the left foot, then delays and resistance are expected. People with most moles on the right foot are good travelers. If a person has moles on the palms and the soles, this means that one should expect problems from secret opponents and troublemakers. Moles on the elbows indicate that a person is very hardworking. Moles on the forearms mean that the person is altruistic, selfless, and caring. Moles on the upper arms mean that the person is a good businessman. Money surrounds him all the time.

If a person has many moles on their back, this is linked with health and power. If most moles are on the right side, this means that you are in good health, but if most are on the left side, this signals that the person is predisposed to illness. Moles closely placed to the spine are a sign of leaders and teachers. Also, such people are believed to be idealists. Moles on the right ankle indicate that the person is touching and expressive in his or her speech. If the moles are found in the middle of the back, rather than higher up the shoulders, this indicates that the person has a tough life to face, however, he has the forces to pass through it.
Chinese believe that moles in the center of the back don’t bring luck, but the moles a bit lower, at the waistline, forecast a happy marriage and great relationships. Moles on the front of the knees are a sign of luck. Also, people with moles on their thighs are considered very attractive and these moles signalize wealth. People who have moles on the calves are going to face some worries during life or a journey. For women with moles on the ankles and feet, life is very interesting, because they are considered to be seductive and charming. Moles at the base of the spine forecast an amazing life and wealth.

In some systems of divination, moles on the front part of the body are a sign of luck. Also, the larger the mole, the greater the attraction of good or bad things. An amazing place symbolizing health, wealth, and happiness is the navel. Also, this part of the body is associated with piousness and enlightenment. Moles in the left armpit indicate love and the ones on the right side indicate wealth. If your moles come in pairs, this is a sign of luck, particularly if these are encountered on the chest and belly. Moles at the waistline symbolize a happy marriage and good relationships. Moles found in the lower part of the belly indicate fertility, love for children, and family life.
Moles on the butt and top of the thighs represent a charismatic, fortunate and lucky person who has a good life thanks to their smartness and skills.
It is important to remember that moles at the base of the neck, in front, are not believed to be fortunate while the ones at the nape of the neck indicate absolute luck.

Each person is unique and so are its moles. This is why they tell a unique story, your story. Research a little deeper about moleomancy and find more about you and your opportunities. Combine this art with other divinatory methods, so you get a full picture of yourself and any other person you know or are about to meet.

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