Your Lipstick Shape says…

Probably, you have not even suspected that the form of your favorite lipstick can uncover the characteristics of your person. So, ladies, remove from your purse your lipstick, check out it and see what it tells about your personality. Down below, we present you six shapes from which you could choose.

Sharp angles both sides – You like to have all the attention on you. If your favorite lipstick has a point in the center, you like to assume risks and you are a reliable person. You are always moving and people know you as an initiator of different plans and activities. Also, you are ambitious.

Sharp angled box curved top – You can be characterized as a very curious, but at the same time also weird. You like to be paid attention and usually do not complicate things. Being a little bit selfish, but loyal, you are the kind of person that puts a grand accent on spirituality. You are optimistic and love your life.

Flat top – Everyone loves to deal with you, because you are cute and sweet. You always talk concretely and honestly. Your beloved ones will always appreciate you for your characteristics. You are dependent of people and certain things and have the best intentions.

Rounded smooth tip – If the top of your lipstick is rounded, then you are an affectionate and comfortable being. You tend to loveliness and concordance. Also, you have a balanced mind. I bet that a woman that has a lipstick with rounded form uses subtle shades of pink to emphasize their lips.

Flat top concave – The traits that characterize you are friendliness and adventuress. In general, you are an active person, loving to act in a rebellious way. For such kind of person, the lively fuchsia is the color that defines her.

Sharp angled tip – A diagonal shape of your lipstick tells that you are a stubborn and ardent nature. The diagonal going up high represents that you have big plans to achieve, and you will not stop on halfway to your accomplishment. Undoubtedly, your lipstick is red!

Perhaps, you may be a woman who does not believe in horoscopes, fortune-telling, face reading, but this test is fun and can help you know you better.


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